Our menu

In Mlyn u Anastázie we always try to offer our guests the best. Our menu includes appetizers, soups, main courses, classics and children's menus, desserts and, of course, a quality wine card. The kitchen accepts orders no later than 30 minutes before the final. Bon appetite :)
90g Grilled goat cheese on a nest of rocket, cherry tomatoes,
basil pesto and almond chips, toast 5,50 € 1,7,8
70g Roast duck with marinated pear, bread 5,90 € 1,7
0,25l White asparagus cream with cress and pancetta, toast 3,50 € 1,7,9
0,25l Tomato soup with basil and Parmesan 3,50 € 7,9
0,33 l Chicken broth with noodles, pulled chicken and carrot 3,00 € 1,3,9
Kids‘ Menu
100g Chicken schnitzel, rice, peach 4,90 € 1,3
100g Chicken schnitzel, french fries, ketchup 4,90 € 1,3
100g Chicken steak cooked in butter, potato puree, peach 4,90 € 7,9
100g Grilled salmon, potato puree 6,90 € 7
150g Roasted salmon in almond crust,
parsley puree with a hint of ginger,
potato-beetroot pancakes, hibiscus sauce 13,90 € 7,9
200g Chicken medallions on fine cauliflower puree,
roasted sweet potatoes and grilled fennel,
green pepper sauce with cream 11,90 € 7,9
200g Souse vide duck breast served on mango puree
with baby kale, port wine reduction,
raspberry puree and potato pancakes 14,90 € 1,7
200g Argentinian beef sirloin
with grilled baby corn, wine-bean sauce
American potatoes, onion nest 21,90 € 1,7,9
200g Veal steak with butter potatoes, spring onion,
cucumber salad with dill and cream 13,90 € 1,3,7
200g Pork tenderloin with roasted hazelnuts,
served on pear-parsley puree,
courgette-potato pancakes, raspberry sauce 13,90 € 7,9
150g Caesar salad with grilled chicken, bacon chips, egg
home-made Caesar dressing, Parmesan shavings,
baked herb baguette slices 10,90 € 1,3,7,8
250g Salad with goat cheese and grilled beetroot on mixed
lettuce with cherry tomatoes,
balsamic sauce, walnuts, white toast 9,90 € 1,7,8
120g Grilled Encián cheese served on roasted potatoes with spring onion,
beetroot-anise puree, cream-sage sauce 6,90 € 7,9
150g Vegan soybean seitan on vegetable ragout 6
and pea puree, herb potatoes, wine reduction 9,90 €
200g Saddle of venison with roast duck,
delicious carrot-orange puree, rosehip sauce,
roasted thyme-rosemary potatoes 22,90 € 7,9
200g Mouflon steak on beluga lentils with currant dip,
roasted potato, cognac sauce 17,90 € 7,9
200g Roasted leg of wild duck on roasted spinach,
grilled pear, lavender reduction, butter potatoes 14,90 € 7,9
150g Chocolate brownie with caramel ice cream 3,90 € 3,7
150g Strawberry biscuit from curd cheese and mascarpone 3,90 € 3,7
150g Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream, home-made whipped cream 3,90 € 3,7
130g Fried vanilla ice cream in coconut-corn crust,
blueberry sauce, home-made whipped cream 3,90 € 3,7
All desserts are gluten free.
What a pleasure it is to have a good appetite, when we are certain of a good meal!‘
                                                — Anthelme Brillat-Savarin— 
Enjoy your meal. Chef MÁRIO HLINKA and his culinary team.

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